1947 Dearborn Inn

The Prospectors Ski Club began as a loose affiliation of avid skiers in the metropolitan Boston area seeking to develop the sport in the local greater Boston area. For those of you who may remember the skiing at Prospect Hill in Waltham, the PSCer’s were behind that! Before they were even formally organized into the ski club, this group of avid skiers petitioned the City of Waltham for permission to have a ski slope at Prospect Hill. Once granted permission, the group assisted with laying out the area, establishing the tow line, finding motorized tows for purchase, clearing the areas of trees, shrubs, rocks, ledge, etc., and even planning the grading for drainage purposes. The municipally owned slope started operation the winter of 1948-49. Later, the early PSCers supported the establishment of the first Prospect Hill Ski Patrol, comprised entirely of members of the club! The Patrol completed the necessary first-aid courses and was accepted by the National Ski Patrol System. Three of its members have since been named as National Ski Patrolmen, which is a distinct honor.

Early in the 1950s, the club was looking for a location for a lodge in the heart of the northern ski area. A place was found in Bartlett, New Hampshire on Hurricane Mountain Road. An old inn called the Dearborn Inn became their “home away from home”. This original inn is still the home of the PSC, although it has morphed into a much larger building with family rooms, bunk rooms, kid’s playrooms and the legendary “fireplace room” with a large stone fireplace almost large enough to stand in (if you’re a kid)!!

Over the years the PSC has sought to expand our love of skiing by sponsoring the showing of films by John Jay and Warren Miller to eastern skiers back in the early 50’s, being active in the Eastern Interclub Ski League, and even by being featured in Ski Magazine as part of an article entitled “Club Life – Weekends in North Conway can be one big party – or an odd experiment in communal living.”

1960 Prospectors Ski Lodge

2008 Prospectors Ski Lodge