The Prospectors Ski Club is a family club with roughly 30-35 families and an equal number of single memberships.

All prospective memberships to the Prospectors Ski Club must meet the following minimum requirements prior to being considered for membership in the club:

We like the prospective members to get to know the PSC environment and activities enough to know whether it is something they want to be a part of. Additionally, the current members need to get to know the prospective members enough to know they’ll fit in and be fun to hang around with (it is communal living after all…..).

Upon completion of all the requirements listed above, and a completed application into the Membership Committee, the committee will make a recommendation to the PSC Executive Board. The formal application for membership will then be published out to the membership at large for consideration and comment. After the allowable time for comments, the Executive Board will review any comments submitted and vote on the recommendation for membership at a subsequent board meeting.

So the bottom line is that this all takes a while from start to finish, but who cares as long as you’re meeting new people and having fun!